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The State of Maryland sent BOOST scholarship award emails on July 29.

If you did not see an email, make sure to check your spam folder and accept your reward by Aug. 12. The Maryland State Dept. of Education also sent families who are on the waitlist an email.

BOOST is funded through the Maryland state budget. If you are open to sharing your story with legislators, please sign up for the BOOST Action Network here


The BOOST Scholarship Coalition is a group of parents, educators and school administrators who are dedicated to ensuring that Maryland students have access to high-quality, affordable and diverse educational options. 

We believe that education is not one-size-fits-all and that families should have the opportunity to choose the education that best fits their child's needs. We advocate for families in Maryland.


Since 2016, the State of Maryland has offered Maryland families who have limited incomes access to scholarships through the BOOST (Broadening Options & Opportunities for Students Today) Scholarship Program. BOOST gives families of K-12 students the opportunity to select a non-public school for their children if that is the best educational fit for their children's needs. BOOST puts more options within reach for Maryland families and children, particularly those who are most in need. 

BOOST funding, currently at $10 million, depends on the support of our state elected officials. Get to know who represents you in the General Assembly.



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Interested in which schools were eligible to participate in 2020-21? Check here to find eligible schools.

BOOST scholarships 2020-21 facts


Did you know?

The average BOOST recipient's family (2020-2021) reported an average household income of just $35,612, and over $7.7 million in BOOST scholarships were allocated for students in 21 of 24 Maryland counties.